First Stamp Ever Designed To Replace Sticker Spots On Pool Tables

Replace Sticker and Glue Spots on pool tablesStamp the Spot for pool tables and billiardsWe all have seen them or shall I say, not seen them.  Those sticker spots on pool tables that come off or worse yet, start to curl up.  We curse the pool table because the shot we made rolled over that curled spot sticker and made our object ball change direction.  Next thing you know the spot sticker is torn off leaving an unslightly look on the pool table.

Now if the pool table owner had a StampTheSpot, the pool ball would never unintentionally change directions and the customer would not be able to lift off the stamp on the pool table. StampTheSpot is the perfect pool table accessory and gives your pool table a clean and sharp look. Since it is the first product ever designed to replace spot stickers, your customers, family and friends will be talking about it to their fellow shooters.

This pat pending device eliminates the need to ever purchase/use spot stickers again. Stamp the pool table with StampTheSpot and the pool balls will never deviate because of a sticker peeling up. We also make custom stamps so you can stamp your pool table with your pool hall's name or a business website address or even a family name for mancave at home.

Here Are Some Great Reasons To Have A StampTheSpot

Below are some reasons why you should own a StampTheSpot for your pool/billiards tables:

pool table without a StampTheSpotAnother pool table without a StampTheSpot
pool table missing a stampthespotanother pool table without a stampthespot Customer Photos

StampTheSpot Customer Photo

Photo submitted by customer of his brand new Brunswick pool table with Centennial competition cloth

"...anxious to get [the] spot on my new table and felt"
~ Tom B., Michigan

StampTheSpot Customer Photo

Photo submitted by customer with a custom stamp of the logo of the Wyoming Cowboys from the University of Wyoming

"...stamp looks awesome! Thank you so much, my husband loves it!"
~ Amy M., Wyoming

"...looking forward to trying this [stamp], instead of those old paper stick on things". ~ Frank D., Texas

Some Pics of Pro Players playing on a table with Stamp The Spot

Click Here To See Them

Johnny Archer, Dennis Hatch, Efren Reyes, Jennifer Barretta

Your pool table is your investment. Keep it looking good and avoid sticker and glue spots from the unsightly, peeled up look. So when shopping for pool table accessories, don't forget to order your stamp for your pool table. Get your StampTheSpot today.

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